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IFEAL provides personal and professional development change programmes for individuals, groups or enterprising organisations looking to establish growth and success. We offer transformational experiences that create opportunities to access valuable learning insights and develop authentic intelligence. The IFEAL approach accelerates transformational change through ‘implicit learning processes that are a direct felt experience’  and develops high sensory awareness in individuals in order that any situation is dynamically assessed and outcomes are intelligently effected. Our consultants facilitate powerful experiences that optimise life and relationship coherence, professional growth and organisational success.

Previous experience with horses is not a requirement for any Equine Facilitated process.

International Leaders for regulated Facilitator Training and Qualifications in Equine Facilitated Human Development and Learning

IFEAL Qualifications for Equine Facilitator Training is an interdisciplinary vocational education for medical and mental health professionals, educators, equine professionals, health and well-being practitioners and all business professionals who want to professionally master the art of employing horses in the field of human development. Certification and quality assurance of these qualifications is through the Edexcel Assured Crossfields Institute framework. Edexcel Assured is an international quality benchmark offered by Pearson Qualifications, the UK’s largest awarding body.  The trainings are an evidenced based bio-psycho-social approach of the theoretical methodology and outcomes of Equine Facilitation.

Sun Tui MNCP (Accred)
Director, Senior Facilitator and Trainer
The Art of Living – Inner Truth



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