Equine Facilitated Human Development (EFHD) is underpinned by the IFEAL Method, an integration of evidenced psycho-social human behaviour change processes & the science of equine ethology.

IFEAL Research

With the recent explosion of equine assisted or facilitated therapy and coaching practitioners, all with varying levels of training standards, values of horse welfare needs and therapeutic treatment claims, it is hard to know or understand what constitutes a safe equine assisted/facilitated therapy or coaching session or the what the practitioners professional level of ability actually is.

IFEAL upholds the highest Equine Assisted or Facilitated practices, using a systematic methodology, the IFEAL Method, to evaluate and interpret any EFHD intervention. All EFHD outcomes are evidenced using i) quantitative data from clinical, wellbeing and psychometric assessments and ii) qualitative data from rated scale questionnaire and feedback forms.

A series of research studies are currently being conducted in partnership with Kings College London, Canterbury Christ Church University and University of South Wales, in order to establish the efficacy of the IFEAL Method comparative to other equine assisted/facilitated coaching and psychotherapy interventions.


  • To maintain the highest standards of client care in all IFEAL Equine Facilitated Human Development coaching and psychotherapy interventions.
  • To recognise and respect all horses as sentient beings by using only relational horsemanship practices based on the evidence of equine ethology studies.
  • To respect the IFEAL horse’s innate needs as a social, nomadic species whose health and wellbeing depends on living as a free roaming herd.

IFEAL Mission

  • To research, establish and disseminate best practice in the field of equine assisted facilitation, coaching and psychotherapy interventions and training qualifications.
  • To research, establish and disseminate best practice of horse welfare in the field of equine assisted facilitation, coaching and psychotherapy interventions.