Our best human intentions are often confused and conflicted when communicated in words, behaviours or actions causing difficulties in our life goals, personal and professional relationships.

Equine Facilitated Human Development (EFHD) is a unique and powerfully compelling human behaviour change process that utilises the finely attuned instinctive nature of horses to feedback what is really communicated in a person’s behaviours or actions. Up to 93% of intention is communicated non-verbally in every interaction we have, however, much of this is ‘unconscious’ thought and feeling that contaminates actions and behaviours in seemingly inexplicable ways.

Horses are adept at instantly ‘reading’ accurately this silent human language with their hypersensitive prey instincts and awareness. Horses, when free to chose, will interact with 100% engagement when a human’s actions, words and thoughts are aligned with authentic feeling. This directly translates to the level of success in our life goals, personal and professional relationships.

Working with horses, through relational horsemanship exercises, directly enables a person to understand and accept how often unconscious thoughts and feelings get in the way of our intended outcomes. These insights, through the safe support of highly skilled EFHD facilitators, coaches or therapists, inform and stimulate new effective human behaviours, retuning a person to the original power of their Authentic Self.

EFHD programmes incorporate innovative, powerful and memorable experiences that result in sustainable change.

All EFHD experiences take place with horses working on the ground in their natural environment. No riding is involved and no previous experience of horses is required.