Authentic Intelligence

Outstanding success with any type of relationship in life or in any enterprise, depends upon Authentic Intelligence. Remarkable, high functioning individuals or groups are exceptionally coherent and congruent in their actions and behaviours.

Horses mirror exactly in the moment how others experience you. Their responses and reactions reflect behaviours and actions you are probably unaware of. This powerfully compelling bio feedback process, informs and stimulates new effective behaviours that lead to successful and remarkable outcomes.

Horses are highly sensitive to subtle energetic signals in human body language. They only interact willingly with humans when our actions, words and thoughts are aligned with what we are feeling. If you think or feel one thing yet say or do another, it causes confusion, even fear and the horse will react with mistrust, unwillingly or fearfully. This is actually what happens in all humans interactions too. However horses, unlike humans, will not ‘pretend’ to engage with individuals when their actions or behaviours are inauthentic or incongruent.

Horses respond only in the present moment and provide instant non-judgmental feedback in a non-threatening manner based on how congruent you are in every moment. They show you what actions, behaviours and attitudes work for or against you, offering opportunities to experiment and recalibrate your way of being or leadership style on a moment by moment basis, in a variety of situations. The results are extraordinary; you learn exactly what you most need to learn which easily translates into every aspect of your life. The outcomes are immediately effective and sustainable.

Coherence of Communication

Equine Assisted Facilitation elicits clear, coherent and congruent communication. This is clear intention that not contaminated with unconscious feelings or mixed messaged body language. For functional and successful working relationships that are highly effective, congruent and coherent communication always has positive successful results and outcomes.

Organisational Intelligence

Horse herds embrace extreme challenges with ease. High functioning herds model trust, mutual respect, how to handle conflict and danger. These qualities have sustained their 50 million years existence. As prey animals they have higher fear and flight responses than mice and are hard wired to survive and thrive.

By observing horses living in harmony with each other in a natural environment, there is the opportunity to see a more fulfilling potential for our human communities, from family dynamics to global partnerships. Learning to understand and respect the seemingly simple, yet in reality highly evolved and complex, social structures and ways in which horses live can teach us a lot about ourselves and our relationships with others and our environments.

Horse Way

Authentic, congruent working relationships with domesticated horses can only occur if we acknowledge them as sentient beings and respect their right to live according to their innate needs – the blue print is the wild horse. All horses living according to the Horse Way model speak for themselves. We invite you to look into the eyes of these horses and see what a free, spiritually connected, emotionally fit horse looks like. The Horse Way experience allows for Equine Assisted Facilitation that upholds high standards of horse welfare and well-being.

All Equine Assisted Facilitation experiences take place with horses working on the ground in their natural environment. No riding is involved and no previous experience of horses is required.

Horse Way Tai Chi

Transformational dynamic change is integrated and augmented through ancient body/mind practices that have evolved since first nation cultures through out the world. The science of Mindfulness evidences the pervasive effectiveness of health, well-being and overall prosperity.

Horse Way Horsemanship  – relational, interconnected & integrated
(for riders/owners and their horses or those training in Horse Way Horsemanship)

The ‘natural horsemanship’ movement has been gathering momentum over the last 10 years. However, it is still largely confined to horse training techniques and it is now time for the next phase, the bigger picture; literally  to step out of  ‘the (horse) box’. To look beyond the conventional horse / human relationship of servant / master and rediscover the horse as a consensual partner.

Horse Way Horsemanship trains riders and horse owners to deeply connect and  inter-relate with their horses. Powerful yet subtle processes with the horse and rider/owner, integrate change easily and naturally.  By not forcing a ‘fix or change’ to horsemanship problems, the Horse Way Horsemanship process deepens core inter-connections which naturally shifts and releases all  horsemanship problems.

Competitive riders from all disciplines report dramatically improved, lasting results with this approach. Many conventional training methods use physical corrections or manipulation to eliminate or reduce a ‘fault’. We notice that often the ‘fault’ recurs or a new one comes about as a result of the restriction.  The ‘fix’ is rarely sustainable.

Instead of pushing through any resistance or ‘fix’ we facilitate an energetic release by scanning for subtle body messages and cues, from ourselves and the horse. This may include hands on work from the facilitator. When the ‘block’ has been acknowledged the dynamic shift, through seemingly impossible thresholds of change, can occur.

Energetic Boundary work is the successful way of working or ‘joining-up’ with horses. Traditional fear based or coercive methods of forcing horses to ‘behave’ prove useless when put to the ultimate test of working with horses at liberty – those loose in a pen (no head collars) and can therefor do as they want. We invite you to see for yourself how it works.

Free, Powerful & Beautiful – Watch Video

This is the ancient art of Horse Whispering

To experience the remarkable Horse Way Horsemanship we have pioneered programmes and trainings where you will experience and learn the Horse Way Horsemanship processed that enable mindful and respectful inter-relationships with horses. The processes we teach are engaging and empowering for owners, instructors, trainers and most importantly horses.

Private 3 hour sessions or group programmes are available for horses and their owners, with or without each other.