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The Zone of Intuitive Knowing explores the scientific, psychological and esoteric dimensions of ‘Holding the Sacred Space of Possibility’. This concept developed by Kathleen Barry Ingram, Co Founder of EponaQuest, came out of her observations of the horse’s innate ability to honor and deeply commune with humans who strive authentically to accept their vulnerability.

The sacred space resides in your heart, your mind and your soul. It is from this deep place within that you access a profound ‘Sense of Knowing’. Kathleen Barry Ingram 2007

Your biography becomes your biology
Direct, spontaneous transformational change occurs easily when we understand our pain and illness from the perspective of unity of the body and mind in the moment – in the NOW. This way we effortlessly let go of the limiting beliefs and stories of the past and re-script new life enriching pathways to a future of other possibilities and potentials.

By attending Zone of Intuitive Knowing you will gain:
◦ Courage and confidence to chose health and well being
◦ Increases presence and effectiveness in life
◦ Collaborative relationships with sentient beings with mutual respect for accessing deeper wisdoms
◦ Clarity on communication and connection skills whilst in movement and flow of life