Good assessment is crucial in order apply the right coaching or therapeutic process to suit Individual learning styles and the nature of the issue to be worked on.

Assessment can motivate and empower clients to get a clearer understanding of the issue, to prioritise goals and to get proactive about their recovery. Neuroscience and Mind Body Awareness  – Stress Reduction (MBA-SR) skills are taught as part of the assessment process and the client learns why these are relevant to human behaviour change process.

An assessment process takes between 4 – 8 hours and may include referral letters to other medical professionals if required. Assessment can be a stand-alone course of sessions. It can include work with the horses.

Sun Tui is qualified in a range of assessment tools; Emotional Intelligence (EQ) & (EBW), wellbeing and psychometrics for relationship, personal and professional coaching to assessments for developmental trauma (CPTSD), depression, anxiety or OCD, work and social functioning and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).