IFEAL Equine Facilitated Human Development is a powerful process that can be used to address many challenges and issues in life. It is a process that can be used to work out and assess, as if in real time, effective solutions to problems. The quality of the relationship with the horse equates to the congruency of a person’s thoughts, feelings and actions, which directly relates to how effective the solution outcomes are. This process elicits a depth of clarity and behaviour change that is experienced as a substantive, reliable ‘knowing’ as to what is right and useful for the individual, especially where there is complex emotional, financial or relationship conflict.

The coaching focus can be on anything from wellbeing, relationship, family, life purpose, career change, work life balance and stress management.

Coaching can be booked as one off 3 – 6 hour sessions or part of an integrated package lasting a few months that may include workshops.

All sessions typically take place with horses working on the ground in their natural environment. No riding is involved and no previous experience of horses is required. Not all sessions have to include the horses.