I really wanted to be held on this workshop, as I hold others in my work, and I needed to feel safe enough to allow that to happen.  I felt very held and this allowed me to really show my true self, certainly in the round pen on day two, where I showed my anxiety which was very present in my body prior to the course.  What happened during this exercise was life changing for me, I was able to have an experience of my true self as a reflection with the horses.  It gave me a sense of my true self and power.
Sharon Clifton, TA Psychotherapist and Counsellor
I just wanted to write to thank you so much for the course. It certainly, ‘does what it says on the tin’. I found it totally inspirational and the awareness I have gained has been profound. I loved that at all times I felt emotionally safe and could see that the ethos of keeping people emotionally safe was the backbone of the course. Some personal growth changes I have been able to make almost immediately and others require practice – but it is exciting to have a clear idea of how to do that.
Grace Lawson Baker, BA (Hons), PG Dip Speech and Language Therapist
I attended the Zone of Intuitive Knowing: Led by Kathleen Barry Ingram, co-creator of the Epona Approach™ & Sun Tui This workshop was very powerful. I received intuitive messages from each of the horses that gave me the gift of their insight. Kathleen and Sun Tui fostered an environment where creativity, intuition and emotional attunement are held in high esteem, while facilitating the group in a safe and containing space so that each person could participate in their own way.
Sarah, Workshop Participant
I have worked with Sun Tui on several occasions for a number of years now and have always found her work to be outstanding. The realm of equine assisted therapy has the ability to touch the deepest recesses of the human psyche. It is therefore vital that the therapist is skilled enough to maintain safety of the client during these vulnerable moments. I trust Sun Tui without exception. She is an incredibly perceptive and gifted therapist and in my opinion a first port of call for those wishing to move into this line of work.
Alicia Mitchell, AANHCP Certified Equine Practitioner
I met Sun Tui on a Leadership Course she co-facilitated during which I had several training sessions. I returned to Cansiron, her base, again to have further one to one sessions with Sun Tui and her horses. The work and the sessions had a deeply profound effect on me, exposing subtly embedded behavioural patterns that had interfered with my well being and professional and personal progress. I later had sessions in very similar style with another teacher and found there was no comparison. It is clear the facilitator is crucial to this modality. SunTui has trained extensively with world leaders and founders of her discipline and become one in the process. She has augmented her training with great in depth experience as well as complimentary study in various modalities that have given her a unique and powerful perspective. The personal work she has and continues to do on herself gives her an additional heightened sensitivity, compassion and non-judgement while still being quite forceful and an excellent role model. She walks her talk!
Stephanie Sinclaire, Artist, Writer, Producer and Co-Founder of Kings Head Theatre